Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 Update

Well, as you could imagine I took some time off after my last attempt on Dec 22nd. Now since the new year is here, I am focusing some study time on my VCP. I already have some training materials from my VCP class in November that I am using to study. I've also picked up a couple of HP 1u Dual 3.0ghz Xeon Proliant servers for about $89. Add on 2gb memory for a total of 4gb at a cost of $30 and I've got two servers ready to study for VMware vSphere.

I will run vCenter server on one dedicated server, and two ESX instances on another server within VMware. VMware gives you a 60 day trial, which should work out great for me since I plan to get my VCP by the end of February at the latest. Now I've got quite a rack of equipment. I've got a network rack, but I have yet to pick it up! I really need it as I have four 1u servers, 4 cisco routers and three cisco switches in addition to regular home networking gear. Now I just need a nice UPS, a patch panel and a APC masterswitch for power control and my network rack will be complete!

After I get my VCP, I plan to kick right back into CCIE mode. This time I plan to take my time, and go slowly through each item on the blueprint because now I know, they can and will throw anything on the blueprint at you! Take my advice - if you are lacking in anything on the blueprint, you better get to studying! I plan to start with INE's volume 1 version 5.0, then move to volume 2, and then volume 3 and finally volume 4. I will have 6 months of study time until my next attempt, so I feel I will have plenty of time to cover all this material. I also want to buy volume 5 which is the troubleshooting workbook. Hopefully, I can also get a hold of Narbik's updated 2.0 workbook, which I have already purchased.

Well, that's what new with me! If anyone has any study materials or tips/tricks for the VCP, I would highly appreciate them!

Until next time....