Wednesday, November 14, 2012

CCIE Security Final Push...

Well, I have completed my studying. My lab is tomorrow morning at 7am.  Unfortunately, I was unable to complete Volume 2, which is unfortunate. Every new lab was teaching me something new and/or a new way to complete a task.

I don't feel anywhere near as comfortable as I did with my last attempt at my R&S. Honestly, I feel I could use at least another 6-8 weeks just to complete Vol 2, complete Vol 1 again, and then pick and choose tasks from Vol 2 to complete. 

I don't think all of this is a total loss. If I get the right lab, I feel I have a decent chance to pass. I'm not relying on getting a lab that is more applicable to my skills, I'm just stating the facts. If I had started my studying earlier, or had more time to complete, I would be more comfortable. 

In all honesty, I think this is a one time shot at the Security CCIE. The lab exam is changing (starting next week) and it's that lovely time of year (holidays). In addition, I have had to take some time off of work just to get as much studying in as I could. I won't be able to take a lot of time off of work in the next few months. 

It will be kind of fun going in there tomorrow without so much stress and worrying about passing. I would love to pass, but it's not going to make or break me like the R&S lab did. No matter what, this has not been a total loss. I've learned so much about security and security products like the ASA and the IPS appliances. 

I will be sure to post my thoughts following tomorrows lab. Wish me luck!

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