Friday, November 16, 2012

Looking up and ahead

Well, I got my results late last night and unfortunately I failed. There was two VPN related questions, a total of 11 points that would have put me over the edge and resulted in a pass. I'm kind of bummed knowing full well I could have passed that exam. To come all this way and get that close just stinks.

I'm not complaining. I learned a lot about security technologies and security devices such as ASA. For now, I am going to relax and enjoy some much needed time off. Maybe if I feel up to it, I will focus on the next version of the exam. Then again, maybe not.

Thanks to everyone for your support.


  1. hello smith,
    hope you finally tried again. i did enjoy your regular post and it helped me in my ccie security journey. i passed last year and now looking up to DC

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